Interior Designer in Focus - Marshall Morgan Erb Design, Chicago

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Featured Interior Designer in Chicago: As a designer, Gelato Strains doesn't limit himself to interior design, and clients will find him and his small team willing to create a bespoke piece of furniture, source an unusual surface or explore new manufacturing technology to achieve the perfect interior MORE »

Complimentary Color Schemes, Interior Design Ideas and Pictures

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As the name implies, these schemes use contrasting hues from opposite sides of the color wheel: reds with greens, oranges with blues, yellows with violets,. The basic hues may be more subtle intermediate colors rather than primary or secondary colors, as long as they face each other across the wheel. MORE »

Furnishings: Stunning Curtains & Drapes Ideas on Pinterest (Photos)

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Photo collection includes Drapery banding, fabric walls, floral curtains with pelmet and blind, beautiful velvet drapes, wool curtains and window treatment design photos.

Most window treatment calls for adjustability to deal with night and day, summer and winter and changing conditions of use. A wide variety of blinds, shutters, curtains and drapery techniques have been developed to deal with these problems MORE »

Combination of Traditional & Modern Flavors: White Webb LLC Interior Design firm New York

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White Webb LLC - This New York based decorating firm can now boast 7 years in the business, supplying a comprehensive interior-design service to both local and international clients. The company's directors are Matthew White and Frank Webb, although White Webb LLC was started by Mathew. MORE »

Importance of Fabrics in Interior Designing - Home Decorating Tips

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Knowledge of fabric materials and construction is an important part of interior design in making good fabric choices. This subject becomes constantly ore complex as new fibers and manufacturing techniques are developed. The basic information provided here can serve as a point of departure for developing knowledge of textile technology. MORE »

Quality Furniture Built to Last: Pottery Barn Design Studio New York

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Furniture Store New York - What kind of comfort is desired for a particular use? An upright seating posture is best suited to dining and desk work, Lounge seating, in a semi reclining position, is a modern concept not recognized in historic furniture. It can range from the slightly lowered and back-tilted posture now preferred for reading, conversation. MORE »

Landscape & Portrait Acrylic Canvas Abstract Paintings - Wall Decoration

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Acrylic Paintings - Best collection of abstract landscape and portrait paintings including trees, floral, images, pictures and framed art. Browse our Acrylic Painting catalog. The collection includes best selling paintings including Pop Art Vader, Boxer Cubism, Jim Morrison and In her own World by John Silver. MORE »

Minimalist Approach to combine nature and design: Tea Houses in California by Swatt Miers Architects

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Interior design work separates into two main fields described as residential and contract. The first term is self-explanatory, but the second term merits a closer look. It comes from a semi obsolete business practice in which non-residential projects were often taken on under an inclusive contract to provide all the needed elements, similar to the kind of contract usually entered into for building construction MORE »

Designer of the Week: Maria Brito, NYC Interior Designer, Decorator & Consultant

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Designers are creative problem solvers, who can analyze lifestyles, organize available spaces and interpret personal preferences," says Maria Gabriela Brito. She is the CEO and creative director of her company that offers a unique approach to interior design by incorporating art into every interior. Since launching her design and architectural services MORE »

10 Awesome Home Decorating Accessories, Tips and Ideas

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Decorative accessories other than works of art exist in infinite variety, often combining some degree of usefulness with a primarily decorative role, Objects may be modern, antique, primitive, or of craft origins and they need not always match the style of an interior. An antique or primitive object will often look very well in an otherwise contemporary interior. Choices may be based on the preferences or interests of the occupants or may relate to the character and use of the space. MORE »

Designer in Focus - Elizabeth Hague Interiors Inc, Washington

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There is an unmistakable yet subtle glamor to Elizabeth Hague Interiors. Their style is modern yet timeless, elegant yet comfortable, but as an interior designer, the firm is always conscious of providing what the client really wants rather than imposing a trademark stamp. MORE »

Increasing Professionalism in Interior Design. An Article by Suzanne Goldberg

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It is not difficult, first of all, to identify a long-developing trend toward greater professionalism in interior design. This may make the field more serious and demanding, but it seems to be an inevitable drift in response to the complex demands of the modern world. The identification of the field with the amateurism of the eighteenth century and the craft traditions that stretch back into the distant past have largely broken down MORE »

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Faceflavor Video of the Day - Interior Design ideas: Rebecca Robeson, Interior Designer from San Diego walks you through her Interior Design project... more

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