Kreiss Decor, famous Interior design firm in California

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Interior Design California in Focus - Kreiss Decor, a top rated and award-winning interior design firm providing services for homes and commercial spaces and also offers design consulting services from furnishing and decorating. Now customers from North America have great opportunity to source materials from either within or outside the famous Kreiss Collection to create custom themes, styles and decor that reflect their individual needs and lifestyles

Small Bedrooms Decorating Ideas to Make Your room Look Bigger

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Decorating a small bedroom is not as hard as you think with these simple bedroom decoration ideas. These expert ideas are sure to change up your bedroom from ordinary to extravagant. From elegant modern Swedish bedrooms to holiday-inspiring ocean-view bedrooms

How to Design a Perfect Family Garden

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If you are looking for ideas to design your dream family garden, browse faceflavor home garden design ideas. In a beautiful garden that you'll be sitting in to entertain, you'll definitely require some privacy to enjoy. Before going to plan your garden, consider your neighbors also..

Stunning Pinterest Bedroom Design Ideas Pictures

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Amazing Pinterest bedroom design ideas and interior inspirational pictures including modern and small bedrooms to learn how to use these ideas to improve amazingly your bedroom easily and quickly.

Featured New York Interior Designers and Decorators

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Find an interior designer on Faceflavor, the biggest data base of interior designers not only in United States but also around the world. You can narrow your search in the interior designer section. No doubt about it, the work of a professional makes all the difference. We tried our best to choose top interior designers from New York.

Modern Bathroom Design Ideas - Photos

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Faceflavor bathroom design ideas, photos, videos and styles. Choose the style as per your creative sense and aesthetics. It could be a traditional bathroom or contemporary interior; we've got bathroom design advice to help you turn your creative ideas into reality. So don't worry and browse all bathroom photos and related products.

How to Choose Modern Kitchen Range Hoods

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There are two types of kitchen range hoods or extraction - the best is vented extraction, which ducts steam, smells and grease to the outside. Its efficiency depends on a good motor and well-routed ducting, pipe work must be as short and direct as possible, but have a sufficient diameter to support the size of the hood (to prevent excessive noise and the risk of a burnt-out motor).

Black FLORAL RIBBON Bathroom Products: 2-Rugs/Mats, 1-Fabric Shower Curtain

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Black floral ribon 18-Piece Bathroom Set is available for sale on Amazon for $39.99. The beautiful set includes 2-Rugs/Mats, 1-Fabric Shower Curtain, 12-Fabric Covered Rings, 3-Pc. Decorative Towel Set.

Universal Bathroom Design - Light Your Bathroom for All Ages

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Today, in this article, I am going to share how to organize your bathroom. Today the bathroom's design is just as important as the kitchen's, making bathrooms with appealing design is more important these days. A modern bathroom must have the following things including lighting, shower and tub and lot of other things makes your bathroom more organized and clean.

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Faceflavor Video of the Day - Interior Design ideas: Rebecca Robeson, Interior Designer from San Diego walks you through her Interior Design project... more

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