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Knowledge of fabric materials and construction is an important part of interior design in making good fabric choices. This subject becomes constantly ore complex as new fibers and manufacturing techniques are developed. The basic information provided here can serve as a point of departure for developing knowledge of textile technology.

The common names of fabrics-for example, wool, satin, Dacron – are more confusing than helpful since they refer variously to fiber (wool), construction or weave, or even, in some cases, trade names. Various specialized forms of textiles also deserve note. These include embroidery, familiar as a handwork technique but now mechanically produced, and quilting, also best knows as a craft technique for layering together several fabrics, possibly with a filling between layers.

The designer can usually tell quickly from a showroom visit if it is a source of strong interest. After making a selection of fabrics according to color and other qualities, the designer may request sample swatches, which can be put on file for reference when a scheme is being planned. Swatches, usually small, are attached to a card indentifying the manufacture and pattern number and giving other data such as width, fiber content, and price.

Fabric Interior Design

Fabric Interior Design

Fabric in Interior Design

Fabric Interior Design


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