Preliminary Furniture Decisions: How to Choose Right Furniture For Your Dream Home.

Furniture by Editorial Staff (July 01, 09:24 AM)

In a typical design project, planning takes place before furniture selection is considered. One plans with function in mind and indicates furniture in a generalized way, using average sizes and forms to designate desk, table, chair, sofa, bed and so on. Templates with such average size form cut out at various scales help the beginning designer with this task. Most experienced designers become adept at drawing the plan forms of familiar furniture pieces at the commonly used scales without help from templates or even reference to a scale.

Whether or not to reuse existing furniture is a third decision to be made before planning begins. This decision may be based on reason of economy or on a client’s desire to retain well-liked or treasured pieces. In residential design. It is probably more common to reuse at least some exiting furniture than a start out with everything new. The designer typically inventories and measures existing furniture, nothing down which pieces must be reused and which might be considered for reuse as design develops. New furniture specifically chosen falls into a similar category. A desired seating group, a new grand piano must be planned for as if they already were on hand.

Selection of furniture for your home can be tricky and time consuming. Get expert help on selection your home's furniture easily and quickly on Faceflavor furniture ideas and tips section.

Traditional Home Furniture Decoration Ideas.

Home Furniture Design Ideas

Home Furniture Design Ideas

Home Furniture Design Ideas


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