Increasing Professionalism in Interior Design. An Article by Suzanne Goldberg

Interior Design by Editorial Staff (July 02, 01:20 PM)

It is not difficult, first of all, to identify a long-developing trend toward greater professionalism in interior design. This may make the field more serious and demanding, but it seems to be an inevitable drift in response to the complex demands of the modern world. The identification of the field with the amateurism of the eighteenth century and the craft traditions that stretch back into the distant past have largely broken down.

Lord Burlington at Chiswick and Thomas Jefferson at Monticello where their own interior designers. Chippendale, Sheraton, and the Adam brothers were cabinetmakers, upholsterers, and, in the case of the Adam brothers, what would now be called constrictors as well as designers. In the late nineteenth and early twentieth century’s, many well-known interior designers were simply self-taught armatures who decided to become professional or fashion, display, or stage designers who drifted into the interior field. While this still happens occasionally, some professional training is now the norm, and a full four-year college course is available.

The pressure for full professional training comes from several sources, from the greater complexity and technical demands of many projects, ‘the rising competitive standards within the profession, and the increasing formal requirements for accreditation and even licensing.

Professional Interior Design

Public awareness and acceptance of good design are on the rise, with more books, popular online and printed magazines, interior design portals like Houzz & hdtv and newspaper home design pages joining with museum exhibitions to spread information on design excellence. While badly designed home furnishings remain commonplace. The success of well-designed home furnishings can be accepted to encourage manufactures to produce and distributes to stock better-designed products.


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