Furnishings: Stunning Curtains & Drapes Ideas on Pinterest (Photos)

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Photo collection includes Drapery banding, fabric walls, floral curtains with pelmet and blind, beautiful velvet drapes, wool curtains and window treatment design photos.

Most window treatment calls for adjustability to deal with night and day, summer and winter and changing conditions of use. A wide variety of blinds, shutters, curtains and drapery techniques have been developed to deal with these problems

Minimalist Approach to combine nature and design: Tea Houses in California by Swatt Miers Architects

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Interior design work separates into two main fields described as residential and contract. The first term is self-explanatory, but the second term merits a closer look. It comes from a semi obsolete business practice in which non-residential projects were often taken on under an inclusive contract to provide all the needed elements, similar to the kind of contract usually entered into for building construction

World's Most Amazing Tree Houses

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Tree houses are more imaginative when we are traveling or in adventures mode and especially can retain their magic for adults. These tree homes are located in different countries including USA, Canada, Sweden, Germany and New Zealand

Treehouses for Kids in Seattle Designs and Pictures

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Wow, An amazing and heart touching Kids Treehouese designs and pictures. These treehouses located in Seattle and build by famous tree house companies from Seattle.

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